Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting ahead of myself, as usual...

I suppose I should have started at the beginning, but what fun would that have been?!

Before the floorplans and 3D models, I actually made a plan.

So what's the plan, man?

1) Get back to work.  Hopefully at new job.
2) Work tuckus off.
3) Save as much as possible.
4) Find large barn/ storage for rent, tall enough to build in.
5) Buy trailer for Winzighaus, put in storage
6) Buy truck with towing capacity for finished haus
7) Work and buy materials, using recycled materials as much as possible
8) Build a little at a time
9) Finish haus
10) Seek on-site, full time internship at goat farm.
11) Live in haus on farm, work on farm
12) Save for land
13) Have goat farm
14) Wake up every morning and exclaim "WOOHOO! My life is awesome!"

Sounds pretty good.  The devil, however, is in the details.

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