Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Why do I make plans?!

After a month of frantically trying to find a place to land in WA, I got a response to an email I sent regarding an internship at a goat farm!

Starting in August, I'll be working as a full-time intern for Broken Shovels Farm, the ONLY no-kill commercial dairy in the country!

It's a small affair, with fewer that 100 does in milk.  The owner is stoked to teach me everything I need to know to open and run my own no-kill commercial dairy!!

The best part...
When I'm ready to move to WA to start my farm, I'll be moving with GOATS!

She wants me to stay through kidding season, which ends in April or May, but I might stay longer.  I figure, the longer I stay, the more time I'll have to repair my credit and the more I will learn!

I got to hang out on the farm for a couple of hours, and I am already amazed by the goats.  They are smart enough to be trained! I had no idea!

I was in the milking parlor, watching how everything worked, and I noticed some activity coming from under a flippy white tail.

The owner told me not to worry, that they have been trained not to go in the milking parlor.

The coolest thing I saw while I was there was watching the does come as their names were called.

I had no idea.


The position includes room & board, utilities, fresh eggs and goat yummies, fresh produce, and a small stipend.  To supplement my income, I have applied and been accepted as an intern writer for an online news site!  The pay is fairly low, but it's something I can easily do in my spare time.


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